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Need answers to questions or concerns you might have? Look at our Q&A section. You will find answers to the most common questions or concerns you might have. If you cant find a particular answer to your questions, please use our contact forms or give us a call and reach out to us with your questions, we are always happy to help! 

  • How does air duct cleaning work?
    We use powerful truck-mount equipment that consists of powerful negative air suction and powerful pressurized air agitation on all vents and returns. Everything is then sucked away and collected in our truck-mount machine.
  • Does whole house vent cleaning include vents and returns?
    YES! All vents and returns get cleaned when scheduling a whole house duct cleaning
  • Can i schedule online?
    Yes! Some services are available to schedule online.
  • What's the fee for heating & cooling services?
    We charge a standard $69 fee on all service calls and jobs when scheduling. We are 24/7 -There's a $99 service fee on emergency call services. Whats covered in the fee? - Travel and complete inspection and diagnosis of problem(s)
  • How does dryer vent cleaning work?
    We use our powerful truck-mount compressor to blow out all the lint and anything else that could be stuck or built up in there. From the outside dryer vent, our dryer vent cleaning equipment reaches all the way until it reaches the back of your dryer. From there it starts spinning releasing everything stuck around the circumference of the tube and everything gets blown outside.
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